Yearly Archives: 2010

Meeting minutes (2010-04-08)

Meeting began at approximately 8:00 PM Central

Those in Attendance:

Suzanne Hedderly, President
Arthur Yin, Vice President
David Schloat, Treasurer
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation
Stephanie Hicks, Member-At-Large


- Arthur as Acting President, Suzanne as Acting Vice President
- NASC auction rules and beneficiary
- newsletter
- more structured meetings
- Noah's Strategic Planning and Resource Allocation
- talked about situation with Mike

The meeting was called to a close at approximately 9:15 PM Central

2010 Board of Directors

The 2010 NASC Board elections resulted with Greg Nevel moving to the Head of Public Relations Education post and Stepanie Hicks joining us for the first time filling the Member At Large position.

Long time NASC director Jonathan Treffkorn is stepping down to focus a bit more on college.  We thank Jonathan for his many years on the board and hope he would be able to help us out in the future.