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Meeting minutes (2005-11-10)

Board meeting, November 10, 2005

Members in attendance (names refer to Terra Forums aliases):
President – Copper
Vice President – PAK
Secretary – Capslock
Treasurer – Schloaty
Head Grower – Dean Cook
Head of PR – Noah
Head of Conservancy – OZZY
Head of Distribution – Jeremiah
Head of Research - Neprick

Members and visitors,
Buster 1

The meeting was called to order by Copper.

Old Business: none

New business:

Copper address the question of whether or not the NASC should have formal memberships. Formal membership will mean that individuals wishing to be a member of the Conservancy will have to fill out a membership form. There request of membership will be reviewed and voted on. (The members already in the Conservancy are Grandfathered in). Copper made that motion that the NASC require formal membership.
The motion was seconded and the vote was taken.
All attending members voted for the formal Membership
PAK volunteered to create membership cards for the NASC.
An on-line, printable form will be placed onto the website.

Copper address the question of dues. All agreed that Dues was a good idea and there was discussion on how much the dues should be. It was decide to Keep the dues low and affordable for all members. Copper made a motion that the dues of $10 a year be required with membership. Neprick accepted the motion and PAK seconded. A vote was taken. All of the attending members voted to require the ten dollar dues.

Copper address the NASC Regions. The Regions were discussed and amended. They Regions are correct as posted on this forum. A vote was taken to except the Regions. All attending members voted to except the regions.

Committees were discussed.
Schloaty is the head of the financial committee and will chose others for his committee.
Dean Cook is the head of the growers committee and will choose his committee members
Noah is the head of the education committee and membership committee. He may choose his own committee members.

Nominations were asked for the Head of Distribution. Jeremiah Harris was nominated. A vote was taken and all attending members voted to accept.

Copper explained problems with regular corporation status and non-profit status. A vote was taken and it was decided that NASC will attempt to go non-profit at this time. Copper shall begin the paperwork to accomplish this.

A vote was also taken to decide on the Corporations physical address. It was voted that Copper’s address will be used at this time. It can be changed at a later date.

It was also voted to get the Federal Tax Identification Number.

Schloaty will look into banks in which to deposit the corporations money. As treasurer he is in charge of the funds of the NASC.

It was also decide that the NASC shall approach other corporations and organization including, but not limited to Botanique. It was also voted to comprise a list of possible future contacts.

The meeting was ended.