Monthly Archives: May 2006

Meeting minutes (2006-05-11)

Members in Attendance:

Carnicopper/Rose - President
PlantAKiss/Suzanne - Vice President
Schloaty/Dave - Treasurer
HoustonHerp/Mike - Head Grower
Vodoodancer/Ozzy/Mark - Head of Conservancy

The meeting was called to order by Rose at 8 p.m. Central time.

1) Call for any old business: There was none.

2) Call for committee reports:

Auction report: Suzanne has contacted Phil Crane and is waiting for response on confirming auction opening and closing dates.

Growers report: Mike is still waiting on three Regional Head Growers to turn in Grower Packets. There was a suggestion of maybe re-drawing regions. RHGs need to be timely in turning in their paperwork. We need the Growers Packets to move forward.

Conservation Report: Mark has a rough draft of a Collection Policy. Two Board members will need to give approval for emergency collections.

3) Discussion of promotion of NASC at upcoming ICPS conference: signs, brochures and membership forms; possibly a laptop so people can follow the NASC auction.

4) Discussion of legal status: Rose has a lawyer working with her; paper work is being completed now and we might have legal status in the next few weeks depending on how fast the state processes the paper work; bank account can be set up as soon as that is done.

5) Discussion of website: Arthur and Rose are assisting Patrick in the web work; some revamping will be done; plant photos will be added; banner will be revised; a counter may be added; additional links and buttons need to be added; an ad will be placed for the auction once dates are firm; Arthur and Rose will be working on the layout, buttons and links

6) Auction: Various organizations and nurseries will be contacted for plant donations for the auction; ads will be placed on websites, TerraForums and Listserv; only general promotion can take place at this time until dates are confirmed

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:40 p.m. EDST. Thank you to everyone who attended. We appreciate your time, effort and contributions to discussions.