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Meeting minutes (2006-06-15)

Minutes for the NASC Board Meeting of June 15th, 2006

The meeting was called to order promptly at 8 p.m. Central. *Those in attendance were:

CarniCopper (Rose)
PlantAKiss (Suzanne)
HoustonHerp (Mike)
Schloaty (Dave)
Vodoodancer (Mark)
EmesisPFT (Arthur)
Nepenthesrajah (Jeremiah)
Brisco225 (Jeremy)
CPYanger23 (Eric)
Killerplants (Joe)
PtchrLeaves (Steve)
Alttlelight (Noah)
Stvnangel (Steve)
PhunB0i (Phillip)

President Rose asked for reports:

1) Headgrower Report from Mike: the NASC table at the ICPS conference was well received and many brochures as well as some membership forms were passed out. *Mike spent most of his time manning the table to promote NASC. *A request was made for financial compensation for the costs of the booths. *The motion was made and carried. *Thank you Mike for your efforts on NASC’s behalf! *Thank you notes will be sent out to the organizations who donated plants.

2) Head of Conservancy: there was a discussion regarding the Sarracenia on the property of “Back2Eight”. *This will need some more scrutiny due to the situation with the Church land owners.

3) Treasurer: Expenses were discussed including the plant tags, possible purchase of plant trays (which MIGHT be donated) and the fees for the legal papers. *Record keeping and receipts will be very important.

4) Head of PR: *Noah noted that he will be out of the country for several weeks and may need to “outsource” his duties temporarily. *Other NASC Board and members will fill in for anything that needs to be taken care of in his absence. *Noah will come up with a short flyer to post on the forums to recruit volunteers for committees.

5) Vice-President: Suzanne reported on the progress of the auction. *The auction is proceeding well. *It is hoped it will bring in more proceeds than last year. *That is looking likely.
6) President: Rose reported that the legal papers for the NASC incorporation/non-profit status should be complete this coming week. *Then there must be the required running of notice ads. *There was a discussion of the payment check to cover those expenses.

There was some continued discussion of financial matters (payment for business items) and a suggestion of a minimal amount of funds being made quickly available to some Board members without requiring a full Board meeting. *This motion was carried.

The website was discussed. There will be a “thank you” page on the website to give recognition to companies and individuals who make contributions to NASC including via the auction. There will be Committee pages that will be updated by the committee heads. *Many thanks to Arthur for his dedication and hard work to get the website updated prior to the confence and auction. *Its appreciated by everyone. *It looks great!

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:40 p.m. central.

Thank you to all who attended and participated.