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Meeting minutes (2006-07-13)

The NASC Board Meeting for July 13th was called to order at 8 p.m. Central time.


PlantAKiss -Suzanne Hedderly, Vice-President
Nepenthesrajah - Jeremiah Harris
YenYenJ - Jonathan Treffkorn
VodooDancer - Mark Todd, Head of Conservancy
Houstonherp - Mike Howlett, Head Grower
EmesisPFT - Arthur Yin
Stnvangel - Steve
Schloaty - David Schloat, Treasurer
Brisco225 - Jeremy
CarniCopper - Rose Witt, President
CajunCP30 - Steve Thomas
Nepenthesrick - Rick Meyers, Head of Research

Reports were called:

Treasurer: Dave reported on the collecting of funds from the auction. *It's going well; approximately $3,000 has been collect so far. *The auction proceeds were well in excess of $4,000. *Dave asked for Rose's address to mail the check for legal fees; it was decided he would use PayPal.

Arthur asked about the list of auction donors for the website. *A discussion ensued regarding the posting of the auction donor/purchasers list on the website's "Donor Appreciation" page to give thanks to our wonderful supporters. *Arthur suggested to post the minutes on the website as well. *Everyone agreed and this will be under construction soon.

Mike asked for a vote on the distribution of funds to Botanique (Rob Sacilotto). *The previously voted on agreement was 50% of proceeds with a cap of $1,500. *It was voted and passed to donate $1,500 of the auction proceeds to Botanique to help finance the non-profit filing fees. *That is about half of what is needed...a very good start. *This money is not needed immediately; Mike will contact Rob about the timing of the donation.

Head Grower report: *Mike reported that he sent out a request for plant material and/or location data on specific locations for inclusion in the database. *There was minimal response from the Regional Head Growers and no one offered plants or location data. *Mike made a public post on TerraForums asking for plants and data. *Rose offered to write to people she knows who have location plants. *Mike asked again for people to email him with any offers of plants and data for the database.

A suggestion was made to contact various nurseries to ask for donations. *Suzanne offered to collect addresses of CP nurseries in the U.S. for possible solicitations.

President's Report: Lawyer was called today and did not return the call; our papers should be final but Rose will get this confirmed.

Conservancy report: *No report

PR report: *No report; Noah is in Mexico hunting Pings.

Another discussion ensued about the posting of the donor list on the website. *Also it was suggested to make a cut-off date for payment on the auction items in order to wrap up the auction. *It was decided that July 28th will be the last date for winners to pay for their items; any unpaid for items will then be offered to the second highest bidder. *Suzanne will make a post about this in the forums.

Rose requested an small banner ad be created to add to websites will to host an advertisement for us. *Mike has requested Barry Rice add us to his Organizations page. *Suzanne offered to create the banner.

Research report: No report.

Steve informed the group that a CP site in Gulfport Mississippi is going up for sale. *It consists of 185 acres. * There are healthy Sarracenia and he has been watching the site for several years. This may be a possible rescue site. *Rick will research this and see if he can find the location and more information on this so we know if there are plants to be saved and placed into the program. We will look for a member who lives near this location or Mike and Steve could possibly drive there.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 p.m. Central.

Thank you all for attending!