Monthly Archives: August 2006

Meeting minutes (2006-08-10)

The NASC monthly Board meeting was called to order August 10th at 8 p.m. central time.


Suzanne Hedderly (PlantAKiss), V.P.
Mark Todd (Voodoodancer), Head of Conservancy
Mike Howlett (HoustonHerp), Head Grower
Rick Myers (NepenthesRick), Head of Research
David Schloat (Schloaty), Treasurer
Arthur Yin (EmesisPFT)
Dustin Trusdell (Ephippiata)
Steve (Stnvangel)
Greg Nevels (Sarraceniahunter)
Travis Barkalow(Runtravrun1)

Reports were given.

Head Grower: Mike reported that he is short staffed; Zak and Bugweed are both “MIA.” We will be fine for a while but these two growers may need to be replaced. *Thank you letters were sent to the three vendors who donated plants to the NASC auction (Botanique, Black Jungle and Meadowview) which helped bring in about $500. *Mike had lackluster response to his plea for location-specific Sarracenia; he placed a post to see if a trade would bring in material. *Greg may have plants for NASC and is researching location. *Mike is also working with others including The Nature Conservancy and Steve LaWarre for plant material. Suggestions to garner plant material included a post to the Listserv, solicitations of vendors and other known Sarracenia growers/collectors. *Rick suggested an ad for NASC in the ICPN and Steve suggested an article be written for the ICPN. *Rick will follow up on those ideas. *Mark will try to contact TNC in his area for possible collecting.

Head of Conservancy Report: *Mark and Suzanne are working on the Collecting Policy. *It is in a rough draft form but needs a few points clarified before its ready for submission to the Board.

Treasurer Report: Dave reported that most of the auction items are completed. *Only a few items are unpaid for and some have not been sent (or possibly not reported as received). *Dave is still waiting on information on our legal status before he can establish our bank account. *A discussion ensued about the situation with Bugweed. *It was decided that all winners of Bugweed’s auctions will be contacted and given the option of a refund, a refund + shipping or leaving their money as a donation to NASC. *Suzanne and Schoaty will take care of contacting all those winners.

Head of Research: Rick reported the Gulfport site next to the Sportsplex and new water park
is under research. *Steve Thomas has provided information.

The remainder of the discussion was led by Arthur in regards to the website. *Individuals were assigned (some inabsentia) various pages which they will be responsible for updating. *Arthur will write up a step-by-step instruction sheet on how to do the updating for those not familiar with web work. *Some pages will be more “static” than others.

Page assignments are:

Arthur: ABOUT, Mission Statement, Excursions, Photographs, Webmaster, LINKS
Rose: Bylaws (needs updating), NASC Board
Mike: Why NASC?, Committees, Grower's Committee, Collections
Suzanne: Bylaws (help Rose), Join, Membership Form (updating), Affiliates
Max: News, Meeting Minutes, Meeting Schedule
Rick: Research Committee
Dave: Roster, Donors (sub-page of Affliates)
Noah: PR & Education
Jeremiah: Distribution (via Mike)

A short discussion followed on possible contacts of other Sarracenia growers.

The meeting was adjoured at approximately 10:30 p.m.

Thank you to all who attended and participated in the discussions!