Monthly Archives: October 2006

Meeting minutes (2006-10-19)

The NASC Special Meeting for October 19 was called to order at 8:15 PM Central Time

Those in attendance
CarniCopper - Rose Witt, President
PlantAKiss - Suzanne Hedderly, Vice-President
VodooDancer - Mark Todd, Head of Conservancy
Houstonherp - Mike Howlett, Head Grower
Schloaty - David Schloat, Treasurer
YenYenJ - Jonathan Treffkorn, Secretary
alttlelight - Noah, PR and Education
Ephippiata - Dustin
runtravrun1 - Travis
sarraceniahunter - Boglodyte (Greg)

Business Followed:
1). Priorities were discussed and were laid out as follows: i) Legal Status ii) Bank Status iii) Budget iv) Committees.

i. Legal Status- As of Thursday night NASC was not yet up on the state website listed as a legally recognized nonprofit organization.

ii. Bank Status- The issue of bank status was tabled until next meeting due to that fact that there had been no confirmation of NASC legal recognition.

iii. Budget- Budget estimates were created and finalized at: $2000 for Conservancy, $1000 Growers, $500 Misc, $400 Research, $300 PR, $200 VP, $75 Treasurer, $50 President, $50 Secretary, $25 Website. Totaling $4600.

iv. Committee heads are to work with Arthur to establish committee pages for the NASC website.

2). A vote to accept the Collection Policy as it stands was proposed by Rose. It was decided that the policy would be accepted as it stands.

3). A nondisclosure clause was discussed to be made part of the membership application for ALL members (member, grower, board member, etc.)

No issues planned for discussion at next regular meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at approx. 9:38 PM Central Time.

Thanks to all who attended.
AS OF 2006/10/21, NASC IS LEGAL!

Meeting minutes (2006-10-12)

The NASC Board Meeting for October 12 was called to order at 8:00 pm Central time.

Those in attendance:
CarniCopper - Rose Witt, President
PlantAKiss - Suzanne Hedderly, Vice-President
VodooDancer - Mark Todd, Head of Conservancy
Houstonherp - Mike Howlett, Head Grower
Nepenthesrick - Rick Meyers, Head of Research
Schloaty - David Schloat, Treasurer
Capslock - Max, Secretary
YenYenJ - Jonathan Treffkorn, New Secretary
EmesisPFT – Arthur Yin
alttlelight – Noah, PR and Education
Drosera36 - Ben
sarraceniahunter – Boglodyte (Greg)
Ephippiata – Dustin

Business followed:

1). Copper reported that legal papers had been submitted. Awaiting confirmation of approval on Nebraska state website.

2). Copper and members present agreed to hold a meeting next Thursday (October 19) to discuss the actions required to be taken upon the approval of legal paperwork.

3). Head Grower motioned to have a vote on Board membership dues; seconded by Schloaty. It was voted upon and passed that Board members will pay dues as will every other member. The fee amount of ten (10) dollars a year was reaffirmed.

4). Copper called to the committee heads to create an estimate of projected costs per year for each committee. Estimates will be presented at next week's October 19 meeting. Estimates for two (2) years expenses are required by the Federal government. Estimates were discussed by committee heads as to what to include in the estimates.

5). Capslock (Max) announced that due to work demands he must resign his position of NASC Secretary. Discussion on a new Secretary was initiated. Drosera36 (Ben), Boglodyte (Greg), and YenYenJ (Jonathan) were suggested. Discussion ensued, responsibilties were discussed, and it was determined that Ben and Greg were unable to accept the position. Alttlelight (Noah) created a motion to accept Jonathan, Capslock seconded. The motion was voted upon and Jonathan Treffkorn was accepted as new NASC Secretary.

6). Noah, PR and Education Head gave a report on his work. Discussed were duties of PR and Education departments, and pertinent forms and letters for contacting landowners. Noah will begin work on a pamphlet aimed teaching children for in class presentations upon the request of Rose.

7). Finalization of Collection Policy was discussed. The final verdict was that no more than 2% of plants from a stand would be collected unless 50 plants or less are present, or the site is in imminent danger.

8) Issues on the table for next meeting: Completion of legal paperwork, budget estimates.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:15.

Thanks to all that attended.