2013 benefit auction announcement


The NASC is pleased to announce the 2013 NASC benefit auction will be held this year from Saturday, March 30 to Saturday April 13 on TerraForums.com. This year we have moved the auction dates forward a few weeks to make it easier to ship your winnings - dormant Sarracenia or sensitive highland species.

As usual, we will post links in the near future to our usual operating procedures (otherwise known as the rules) for the auction - chief among them is "have fun!" Then, as we approach March 30, a new subforum on TerraForums will appear just for this event. For the uninitiated, a quick explanation is that generous donors donate seed, plants, art, or anything else that other users bid on. The final total paid by the bidder goes to the NASC and the bidder receives the item. Every year we thank the generosity of our donors for supporting this event as our main source of fundraising to keep our organization running. The other half of the funds collected go directly to the identified beneficiary. Past recipients have included Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina (land acquisition); Myrtle Head Savanna, North Carolina (controlled burn); and Splinter Hill bog, Alabama (land acquisition).

We are still waiting to hear back from a few potential beneficiaries on their informal bids to be considered for this year's, but the Board should make its final decision next week and follow up with an announcement.

We're excited for this year's auction - so get your plants ready for donations and be prepared for the amazing plants offered in this event. Whether you're starting out or staking out that rare plant, you'll be able to find something this year.

Good bidding!