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Meeting Minutes 07/23/2015

NASC Meeting Minutes: July 23, 2015

Mark Todd, Acting President and Head of Conservation – present

Jay Austin, Vice President – absent

Gabriel Levac, Secretary – present

Emily Troiano, Treasurer – present

Natch Greyes – Education and Outreach – absent

Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials – present

Guests: Warren, Zuzana, Lisa


  • Bank situation is being investigated and fixed.
  • Lisa has been elected as member at large.
  • We discussed the possibility of purchasing some property in NC to donate to the state, but the state is currently being difficult about accepting the donation of the property.
  • Mark is meeting with someone in SC to investigate possible plant destruction at a location.
  • We’re going to continue working at streamlining meetings. Lisa’s work at introducing a weekly agenda has really helped us out!

Updated  list of board members:

Mark Todd  - Acting President and Head of Conservation

Jay Austin - Vice President

Emily Troiano - Treasurer

Gabriel Levac - Secretary

Natch Greyes - Outreach and Education

Victor Holland - Administrator of Plant Materials

Lisa O'Neil - Member at Large