2008 auction donors list

Once again all of us here at NASC would like to thank all the people who contributed to the 2008 Auction, especially the donors without whom we could not have raised the money to help Splinter Hill Bog Preserve.

Big thanks goes to Raccoon Ridge Nursery for donating the most, and FlyTrapShop & TerraForums for hosting the auction once again.

Capslock RaccoonRidgeNursery.com WildBill
herenorthere Ozzy PetFlyTrap.com Pyro
Clint Crissytal elgecko Not a Number
PlantAKiss Sarraceniaobsessed Tropics wolf9striker
Av8tor1 BigCarnivourKid Captain Hamata glider14
ilbasso Laura nepenthesmatt Schloaty
The Griffin

NASC Friend:

allegedhuman awgaupp DroseraBug DrWurm
GP_Princess jm82792 JRFxtreme maxpswillo
Jim Miller nealfor thbjr wmgorum