Meeting minutes 04/05/2012

Thursday, April 5th 2012

Meeting began at approximately 9:00 PM Eastern

Board Member Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President – present
Ryan Kitko, Vice President – present
Yann Rodenas, Secretary – absent
Sheila Stewart, Treasurer – present
Shane Myers, Head of PR and Education – absent
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation – present
Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials – present
Joe Granville, Member-at-Large – absent


  • Reviewed the newsletter produced by Shane. Looks great! It will be released on Friday via e-mail.
  • Confirmed the auction beneficiary information.
  • Emily reported that Andrew at Terra Forums agreed to host our auction on a subforum from April 21 to May 5. We will begin preparations. Sheila will make the banner. We need to repost the rules and info on the beneficiary. Let's get the word out!
  • Vic will try to contact Highlands Biological Research Station again regarding our proposed work at Dulany Bog.
  • Mark has heard nothing more from the owners of the potential rescue site in Florida. Emily will try to contact them to add a second voice to the request.

Ended at 9:45 PM Eastern