Meeting minutes 11/17/2011

Thursday, November, 17th 2011
Meeting was called to order at approximately 9:00 pm
Board Members Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President – Present

Ryan Kitko, Vice President – Present

Yann Rodenas, Secretary – Present

Sheila Stewart, Treasurer – Absent

Joe Granville, Head of PR and Education - Absent

Mark Todd, Head of Conservation – Present

Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials – Absent

Kris Hardy, Member at Large – Absent

- Board votes unanimously to approve and instate revised by laws.
-    Awaiting Contract from Paul to send payment for design
-    Vic reporting 20% germination success with Sarracenia seeds
-    Grower guide revisions to looked over by board

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:21 pm.