Meeting minutes (2006-01-12)

Board meeting, January 12, 2006

Members in attendance (names refer to Terra Forums aliases):
PtchrLeaves (Bugweed)
MI CP Dude
Schloaty (late)

The meeting was called to order at about 8:30 PM.

New business:

Rose opened the floor for website suggestions and discussion:
-The decision was made to add a photo gallery, with separate pictures of wild and collection plants. “Plants in Cultivation” and “Plants in Habitat”. Rose suggested attaching it to a clickable state map she is making.
-It was noted that we need articles, including why we need this organization for the website. Rose has articles on dormancy and breeding and general care. Articles should be understandable and approachable by the general public. Houstonherp offers to write the intro article.
-Website should have section for current rescues, including recognition for allowing or facilitating the rescue of plants.

-Website should have method of accepting contributions.PAK agrees to redo the membership form.

It is noted that we need to follow collecting laws in each state, and respect the ICPS general rules of collecting.

It is debated who should be authorized to execute rescues with no firm resolution, except that they should sign a liability release form to protect the organization

It is agreed by vote that in the course of collection of rescue plants, that other carnivorous plants and/or endangered plants should be rescued as possible as well.

Meeting ended around 9:30 PM