Meeting minutes (2006-12-14)

NASC Board Meeting
December 14, 2006

This NASC Board Meeting was called to order at approximately 8:11 Central Time.

Members in Attendance

CarniCopper - Rose Witt, President
PlantAKiss - Suzanne Hedderly, Vice-President
VodooDancer - Mark Todd, Head of Conservancy
Houstonherp - Mike Howlett, Head Grower
Schloaty - David Schloat, Treasurer
YenYenJ - Jonathan Treffkorn, Secretary
alttlelight - Noah, PR and Education
EmesisPFT – Arthur, NASC Website

Business followed

Reports were given:

1). PR and Education head, Noah, lead discussion on his survey form. It was discussed that the survey form should be mandatory for all reports and should be filled in with as much as possible on all NASC site visits. It was discussed that Dave and Noah maintain the database at this time. A vote will be held at the December 21 weekly NASC meeting, given a quorum is met.

2). A discussion was held as to the NASC's position on taxonomic acceptance of the species Sarracenia rosea. S. rosea has been published and there is strong evidence from scientific journals that it is a species. A vote was held for the NASC to formally accept the taxonomic term S. rosea. The vote was initiated by Suzanne, seconded by Noah, and passed without contest.

3). Secretary Jonathan discussed the Secretary Policy and Procedures document. It was agreed that standardizations to format and language would be made and re-sent to all board members for review and a vote would be held at the December 21 weekly meeting for formal acceptance of the document.

4). Head of Conservancy, Mark, reported on several sites on which landowners have invited the NASC to survey and help manage in the case of development.

5). Public Relations and Education Policy and Procedures documents were brought to vote my Noah, seconded by Jonathan, and passed without contest.

6). Vice President Suzanne reported that the Vice President Policy and Procedures document would be made available for review/vote for the December 21 weekly meeting.

7). Other Board Policy and Procedures documents will be made available in the future.

The meeting was called to a close at approximately 9:30 Central Time.

Thanks to all those who were in attendance.