Meeting minutes (2007-02-08)

Minutes for the Feb 8, 2007 NASC Board Meeting.

Meeting began at approximately 8:15 PM Central Time.

Members in Attendance
Rose Witt, President
Suzanne Hedderly, Vice-President
Mark Todd, Head of Conservancy
Mike Howlett, Head Grower
David Schloat, Treasurer
Jonathan Treffkorn, Secretary
Noah Elhardt, PR and Education
Steph (Steph 64)
Steven Millar (Bugweed)

Business Followed

Mike reported that thousands of locations seedlings are approaching readiness to be distributed to head growers. Finalization of system, infrastructure, and documentation will precede any shipments of NASC materials.

Policy and Procedure Documents from President, Head of Conservancy, Head Grower, Treasurer, Secretary, PR, Education, and Distribution have been presented. The remainder are due no later than by the next weekly meeting, February 15.

A discussion was held on meeting notice/reminders and to reflect the bylaws, the responsibility has been transferred to Secretary, Jonathan Treffkorn. (Thank you, Suzanne for doing it de facto for so long.)

Nondisclosure agreements will be sent to all Board members via email and are required to be sent to the Secretary. Details via email.

All officers are required to print out documents emailed by Treasurer David Schloat, fill out required sections and fax them to Dave. Details via email.

Jonathan Treffkorn reported that Steven Millar and himself will be undertaking a project for the NASC presently. The subject of the report is the materials and construction of a circulating water bog and will be presented on the NASC website as well as published in other sources to be named in the future.

Articles and introductions were presented to Noah Elhardt for the first NASC newsletter. Late submissions should be emailed to Noah via email within the week so that he may compile all material.

The meeting was called to a close at approximately 10:00 PM Central Time.

Thank you to all who attended. Board members, feel free to use these posted minutes and all minutes in the future as reference for due dates and responsibilities.