Meeting minutes (2007-03-01)

NASC Special Meeting
March 01, 2007

Meeting Began at 8:00 PM Central

Rose Witt
Suzanne Hedderly
Jonathan Treffkorn
David Schloat
Mike Howlett
Mark Todd
Noah Elhardt
Jeremiah Harris

(Board members in bold.)


Rose presented a motion to accept the resignation of Rock as Head of Research. Suzanne seconded the motion. The motion was passed without contest.

Discussion was help as to the future of the position, viable positions and candidates.

Rose presented a motion to reform the Head of Research position to a position At Large. The motion was seconded by Dave and passed without contest.

Candidates are being sought out, and others are being contacted.

The meeting was called to a close at approximately 8:30 Central.

Thank you to everyone for showing up.