Meeting minutes (2007-03-15)

NASC Weekly meeting for March 15, 2007

Meeting Began Approximately 8:00 PM Central

Those in Attendance

Suzanne, VP
Jonathan, Secretary
Mike, Head Grower
Jeremiah, Head of Distribution
Noah, Head of PR & Education

Visitors and Members:


Noah presented to the Board his final version of the 1st edition of the NASC newsletter. It will be posted around the web soon.

Suzanne presented in Dave's absence that the Bank account has been accepted and the process of transferring paypal funds and checks in to the account will begin.

Suzanne made a motion to hold a special meeting for March 22, 2007 at 8:00 PM Central An email reminder has been sent out to all NASC Board members.

A discussion was held regarding the future of the NASC's presence on the ICPS board. The NASC would like to thank Bob Z and the ICPS for their invitation to their forums.

A discussion was held on Botanique. Mike will be contacting Rob to discuss donations.

Mike gave a report on his Regional Head Growers (hereafter RHGs.) An email has been sent of all RHGs to see who is still interested. Plant and seed material will be shipped soon!

Meeting called to a close approximately 9:20 PM Central