Meeting minutes (2007-03-22)

NASC Special Meeting for March 22, 2007

Meeting began at approximately 8:00 PM Central.

Those in attendance:
Rose, Presidey
Suzanne, V.P.
Jonathan, Secretary
Schloaty, Treasurer
Jeremiah, Head of Distribution
Mark, Head of Conservation
Noah, Education & PR

Visitors and members:
Arthur Yin
Steven Millar


Noah presented a motion to accept Arthur to the NASC board of directors to fill the At Large position. Dave seconded the motion. The motion was voted on and passed without contest (including an absentee vote from Mike.

A discussion was held on the state of the NASC website. Dave will be compiling a list of donors and winners from the previous NASC Auction. Jonathan will compile, organize, and standardize all meeting minutes for continuity.

Dave reported progress on the NASC bank account. Online access has been set up and paypal transactions are ready to be accepted immediately.

A discussion was held on bank resolutions and requests from the bank.

Those officers who did not appear with intros in the first NASC newsletter are requested to submit introductions to Noah for inclusion in a coming edition of the newsletter.

A discussion was held on NASC Auctions, old issues are required to be resolved before the next auction is held.

A discussion was held on a NASC donation being made to the Texas Tech University which recently suffered from greenhouse heating issues resulting in the loss many plants, including their carnivorous plants. Board members present were in agreement that a donation of plant materials to the University would be in line with the goals of the NASC.

Discussion was held on an offer from Pete Thiel in regards to advertising. Board members were in agreement that this offer should be taken and that the first NASC newsletter would be a good showpiece.

Meeting ended approx 9:27.