Meeting minutes (2007-04-05)

NASC Weekly Meeting for April 05, 2007.

Meeting began at approximately 8:00 PM Central

Those in Attendance:

Suzanne Hedderly, Vice-President
David Schloat, Treasurer
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation
Noah Elhardt, Head of PR & Education
Jeremiah Harris, Head of Distribution
Arthur Yin, At Large Position

Members and Visitors:


Reports were given:
-Arthur reported that the website has been updated and he is available to help Board member figure out the system.
-Dave is reported that checks have been transferred to the bank account without problems thus far and that he is ready to accept member dues for the board via paypal or check.
-A discussion was held on the Distribution Head Policies and Procedures and the formation and maintenance of NASC seed banks. Discussion was tabled until the Monthly Board Meeting so that a consensus could be reached.
-Mark lead a discussion on the site that he is working on with landowner Dan. The plan being discussed is to create a filled ditch which will divert the flow of runoff water from the lawn and house area in to the lake, away from the plants.
-Further discussion was tabled for the Monthly Meeting.

The meeting was called to a close at approximately 9:00 PM Central