Meeting minutes (2008-01-31)

Meeting began at approximately 8:04 PM Central

Those in Attendance:

Suzanne Hedderly, President
Jonathan Treffkorn, Secretary
Mike Howlett, Head Grower
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation
Noah Elhardt, Head of PR & Education
J.C. Stoner, Head of Distribution
Open, At Large Position

Members and Visitors:


Mike emailed the board a NASC Seed roster.  Reported that three volunteers will be coming in to help with greenhouse work.  Also reported other parties expressing interest in becoming growers.

A discussion was held on active NASC growers.  Growers will be contacted for scheduled plant-update reports.

A minimum of 5 packets of seeds per location will be held back for NASC growing (ie, remain out of Seed bank distribution.)

A discussion was held on seed location procedures and policies.

Jonathan reported that old minutes have been archived and new minutes have been uploaded and published to the new site.  Old minutes will continue to be archived.

Noah reported that an article has been received for the newsletter.

Mark will be leading a tour of ~20 people for the Dogwood Alliance and will be handing out NASC brochures.

Voted for mark to be issued gas money to make a trip to a number of sites to survey in the South Carolina area.  Quorum not present at time of vote- vote will be reintroduced.

The meeting was called to a close at approximately 10:01 PM Central