Meeting minutes (2008-04-10)

Meeting began at approximately 8:00 PM Central

Those in Attendance:

Suzanne Hedderly, President
Arthur Yin, Vice President
Jonathan Treffkorn, Secretary
David Schloat, Treasurer
Mike Howlett, Head Grower
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation
Noah Elhardt, Head of PR & Education
J.C. Stoner, Head of Distribution
Open, At Large Position

Members and Visitors:


Arthur reported on the website.  Currently the site is still down, so Suzanne will be contacting the service provider.

A discussion was held on correctly-balancing paypal fees for membership signup.

Dave gave a finances report.  New members have joined and payed dues. Federal nonprofit status will hopefully be granted by or during the auction.

JC reported on seedbank policies and procedures updates.  The revised edition will be sent out to the board for review in the coming week.  Mike will be sending out seeds for the seedbank in the coming weeks.

Mike reported that an email has been sent out to the Regional Head Growers letting them know of progress, reminding them that updates are due April 15th.  Mike has been contacted by a company requesting information on preserving Sarracenia on a development site.

Noah reported that the newsletter will be done soon and new banners will be rolled out for the auction advertisement.

Mark reported that he met with people from The Nature Conservancy and toured the swamp.  Mark will be doing surveys for the surrounding swamplands.

Jonathan reported that the newest minutes are not on the NASC site because it is down.  In the meantime, updates will be posted on Terraforums.

The meeting was called to a close at approximately 9:28 PM Central