Meeting minutes (2008-05-29)

Meeting began at approximately 8:00 PM Central

Those in Attendance:

Suzanne Hedderly, President
Jonathan Treffkorn, Secretary
David Schloat, Treasurer
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation
Noah Elhardt, Head of PR & Education
J.C. Stoner, Head of Distribution

Members and Visitors:


Dave reported work on 501 c 3.  Will be calling Mike in regards to further information.  Cashed new member checks.

JC reported that no seeds have been received yet.  JC emailed a copy of draft documents for the board.  These documents are seed request forms for members and non-profit / educational entities.  JC volunteered to clean out the NASC board on TF.  Old stickies will be unstuck. Important ones will be kept up, others of note will be linked in a “index” sticky.

Noah reported that newsletter publishing is pending the finishing of website repairs.

Jonathan reported an update at the ICPS NASC forum.

Mark reported that he had solicited for surveys and reported on replies.  Also, Mark is continuing to work with The Nature Conservancy  Should be meeting with the reporter on Saturday.

The meeting was called to a close at approximately 9:30 PM Central