Meeting minutes (2009-04-16)

Agenda & Reports



- Transferred more old Minutes from TF to Archives
- Reviewed newsletter draft
- Helped Suzanne with Auction page

Secretary Pro Tem:
-Put up late minutes.


Head of Conservation:

PR & Ed:
- Sent out latest draft of Newsletter
- Will send out to members pending further corrections, making a mailing list. (should go out tomorrow)
- Worked on NASC auction items

Plant Materials:
NASC Growers update:
- Heard back from some RHGs
- Ryan Kitko as new grower?
- Contacted Mike
- Billy H?

At Large:

Agenda Items:
- Foundation Center typo update and board member addresses?
- Mike, plants, and East Bay plus Millennium Project contact info
- Billy H
- Further newsletter adjustments??

- Check in on the auction every now and again.

---No meeting minutes available---