Meeting minutes (2009-05-14)

Agenda & Reports


-Uploaded working draft of NASC brochure on to google docs.

-Contacted web developer associate; he will be willing to help the NASC out in case of website emergencies.

Secretary Pro Tem:
-Updated minutes

-Reported that only one payment for the NASC auction remains to be received.

Head of Conservation:

PR & Ed:
-Working on getting material for summer Newsletter
-Continuing to look in to web updates

Plant Materials:

At Large:

Agenda Items:
- contacting federal or state agencies regarding Pinguicula ionatha in Florida
- Foundation Center typo update and board member addresses?
- Mike, plants, and East Bay plus Millennium Project contact info
- Billy H update?  Ryan K update?
- New Drummondii logo
- Does gdocs have contact info for TNC Myrtle Head Savanna?
- Board contact sidebar item on website
- NASC goals / budgeting

-Work on newsletter articles.

-Remember to send in reports before the meeting to cut down on meeting duration



Meeting began at approximately 8:06 PM Central

Those in Attendance:

Suzanne Hedderly, President
Arthur Yin, Vice President
Treffkorn & Yin, Secretary Pro Tem
David Schloat, Treasurer
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation
Jonathan Treffkorn, Head of PR & Education
J.C. Stoner, Administrator of Plant Materials
Greg Nevels, Member At Large (arrived late)

Members and Visitors:


Head of Conservation discussed NC rescue operation with Brian Barnes/ICPS Director of Conservation.

Information regarding contacting federal/state agencies regarding Pinguicula ionatha forward to Brian Barnes.

Talked about situation with Mike and Billy H., Ryan K., and Michael B.

501(c)(3) typo despite being IRS issue, they didn't want to re-type form.

New Drummondii logo discussed.

Board contact sidebar item on website is being investigated.

Brief discussion about budgeting.

No further response from Phill Crane.  Plan to send register mail .

The meeting was called to a close at approximately 9:30 PM Central