Meeting minutes (2009-08-06)


Projects currently being worked on:

Head of Public Relations & Education
- Working on secretarial transition
- Still need to get email out about plant reintroduction and potential inter-organization guidelines

Updates on old business:

Head of Public Relations & Education
- Working as much as possible on newsletter

New business:

Agenda suggestions / Other business:

- VP waiting for questions regarding Partners in Conservation and Minutes Archives
- Did Dave send Jim his check?
- Update on Phil?
- Any luck with pesticide research?


NASC Meeting for 2009-08-06

Meeting began at approximately   8:00 PM Central

Those in Attendance:


Sheila Stewart, Secretary
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation
Jonathan Treffkorn, Head of PR & Education
J.C. Stoner, Administrator of Plant Materials
Members and Visitors:

Dave sent check to sell Jim Miller's CD "Lost World".  All CD's have been paid for.

Upcoming NASC show on Sept. 26 & 27 in RI was discussed.  JC & Mark have been before so it was suggested that someone else should go.  A table with brochures, CD's and seeds to sell would be set up.  New members would receive free packet of seeds upon signing up.
Brochure has been updated. Jonathan will check on the update.
Discussed outstanding auctions.  Member has moved to London.
Pesticides were discussed and will be further investigaged.
Partners in Conservation webpage will be updated to add businesses who have made contributions to NASC.
Minutes need to be moved to archive.
JC received seeds from plants Sheila is growing.
Mark did the presentation and it was decided not to vote this year.

The meeting was called to a close at approximately  8:58  PM Central