Meeting minutes (2009-08-13)


Agenda Report for 2009-08-13 BOARD Meeting:
Projects currently being worked on:
VP: Waiting for questions regarding Partners in Conservation and Minutes Archives.

Treasurer: did not try Phil this week (sorry!);did e-mail BOA just today regarding the fees, to see if there's anything BOA can do before we shop outside;sent around the 07/31 statement.  Lastly, I need volunteers for the NASC show in RI.  This is the biggest CP event on the east coast, possibly in the US.  We had over 500 visitors from the public last year over two days.  The last two years we had two volunteers man the booth.  I go every year, so I was one, however, as last year, I want to offer up my spot to other people (NASC reimbursed up to $500 travel expense in the past for this event - though I imagine the group would have to re-approve that this year) to other board members.
PR & Ed:  Work continuing on newsletter.  Had last day of class today, so I should have time to complete it very soon.  Will get draft out ASAP.
New business:
VP: Secretary should get Google Calendar setup, but I was exploring that to automatically send out weekly meeting notices and status reminders.

Secretary: Set up Calendar to email every Tuesday.


NASC Meeting for 2009-08-13

Meeting began at approximately   8:00 PM Central

Those in Attendance:


Arthur Yinn, Vice President
Sheila Stewart, Secretary
David Schloat, Treasurer
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation
Jonathan Treffkorn, Head of PR & Education
J.C. Stoner, Administrator of Plant Materials
Members and Visitors:


Jonathan has completed his last class today so he should be able to get more NASC work done now.

Sheila did the calendar on Google docs.

Mark got an email from TMC re UNCW.  They are doing hybrid research on Sarracenia to see if he can help.  They have plants growing naturally on the camus, not sure how aware they are.
Dave sent the check on Tuesday and Jim Miller will email when he receives it.
Security at sites was discussed.

Inventory from Mike is needed, Arthur will contact Suzanne by email in regards to Billy H.  Mark and Sheila will take plants if they are available.

Gallery on the website will be set up for growers of NASC plants.

Volunteers for the NECPS show in RI were discussed.  The Board agrees that Suzanne needs to go. Dave is going.  Arthur and Sheila are available to go.

A NECPS booth needs to be reserved.  There is a need for a new banner.  Sheila will check on prices.

A NASC Board meeting of all members to visit TNC site was discussed.
The meeting was called to a close at approximately  9:09 PM Central