Meeting minutes (2009-12-03)


Vice President
Edited letters of concern.
Verified converted GPS coordinates.

Picked up some seedlings and labels from Mike.

Administrator of Plant Materials
Sent out a seed request. Have another one pending (the one that was posted on the NASC forum) and it should be finalized and shipped by the weekend.
Coded new Sarracenia from Alabama. Entered as NASC Code ALA-AL035. I look forward to hearing how many we have and if some can be sent with the other plants from former grower Mike Howlitt to the eager Growing Committee.
Projects currently being worked on:

Caring for seedings.
Received >88 plants from Greg:
The plants were taken from an industrial site that was about to be developed for construction.
I hope that this will be enough to get these plants into the NASC program. Some of these plants exhibit the pubescent trait on the first pitchers of the season. A few of the others have the red coloration under their lids. They all came from the same place.

Administrator of Plant Materials
Updating the Seed Bank and creating a live plant database is my top priority after I send the pending Seed Request and receive counts and populations received in Houston.
Ready to send Growing Member addresses and contact information to Sheila for shipping of plants to Growing Committee. Grower information will be exchanged at the meeting.

Updates on old business:

Grower’s pdf file on the website needs to be updated.
Administrator of Plant Materials
Possibly has one that is ready to be posted.

New business:

Agenda suggestions / Other business:
Vice President
need to add 501(c)(3) info on home page
change the status on the pending members to confirm or reject them
pamphlet changes suggestions from NECPS
membership form needs to be updated with new email address
upload membership form and pamphlet editable documents to board account
Committees page content needs to be updated
business bank account
transfer remaining Minutes Archives from TF to NASC site