Meeting minutes (2011-07-07)

Meeting began at approximately 8:00 PM Central

Board Members Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President - present

Ryan Kitko, Vice President - present

Joseph Clemens, Secretary - absent

Shiela Stewart, Treasurer - present

Joe Granville, Head of PR and Education – absent

Mark Todd, Head of Conservation - present

Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials - present

Yann Rodenas, Member at Large - present

Kris Hardy, Member at Large - present


Sheila: Deposited checks in the bank and got a phone number for customer service. Will plan on attending the NECPS show and sort out the signature card with David and Emily. We're also still waiting on just one more person to pay for their auction item. Sheila will tend to this ASAP.

Vic: Update on Dulany Bog - Spoke with Duke Rankin of the Forest Service; all of the Sarracenia are on the Highlands Biological Station's land, so it's best to work with them. A Threatened and Endangered Species survey was recently completed, so it's unnecessary to repeat it in the next few years. HBS is interested in working with us on this. Mark and Vic will plan on going out to the bog to figure out our next steps. Vic suggested contacting Habitat Assessment & Restoration Professionals ( for advice on Dulany Bog.

Emily: Rick Jackson's research on Sarracenia genetics - Sheila can send lots of location-specific pitchers to him. Rick will contact the TNC, Mark will go collect right before the scheduled burn and send them to him.


Ryan: Working on setting up a Printfection shop for merchandising.


Ended at 8:43 Central.