Meeting minutes (2011-07-21)

Meeting began at approximately 8:05 PM Central

Board Members Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President - present

Ryan Kitko, Vice President - present

Joseph Clemens, Secretary - absent

Shiela Stewart, Treasurer - present

Joe Granville, Head of PR and Education – absent

Mark Todd, Head of Conservation - present

Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials - present

Yann Rodenas, Member at Large - present

Kris Hardy, Member at Large - absent


Check-in on what everyone is up to:

Ryan: Printfection shop.

Sheila: Auction. Received Affirmation letter from the IRS. Will send a copy to Ryan.

Mark: Contacted by TNC to have conference on poaching; Mark is invited.

Vic: Working on TerraForums post requesting new people for the grower's program. Also needs the pdf updated on the website to reflect his name. Yann will update the link.

Yann: Working on article for newsletter on pollination and wants to set up an interview with Don Schnell for a future article.


Ended at 8:23 PM Central.