Meeting minutes (2011-07-28)

Meeting began at approximately 8:07 PM Central

Board Members Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President - present

Ryan Kitko, Vice President - present

Joseph Clemens, Secretary - absent

Shiela Stewart, Treasurer - present

Joe Granville, Head of PR and Education – present

Mark Todd, Head of Conservation - present

Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials - present

Yann Rodenas, Member at Large - present

Kris Hardy, Member at Large - absent

-Sheila will send a copy of the 501(c)(3) affirmation letter to Ryan.

-Vic and Yann have some suggested changes to the growers guide, including supplementing it with a short-form version.

-Joe will work on getting the summer newsletter out.

Ended at 8:23 PM Central.