Meeting minutes (2011-08-18)

Meeting began at approximately 8:15 PM

Central Board Members Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President - present

Ryan Kitko, Vice President - present

Joseph Clemens, Secretary - absent

Sheila Stewart, Treasurer - present

Joe Granville, Head of PR and Education – absent

Mark Todd, Head of Conservation - present

Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials - present

Yann Rodenas, Member at Large - absent

Kris Hardy, Member at Large - absent

Dulany Bog: It is a "Mountain bog in trouble." NC mountains do not have Sphagnum bogs like this. See Barry Rice, CPN 37(2).

Agenda for the first meeting at Dulany: -Find out what the Forest Service is currently doing to manage

-Find out where the other threatened and endangered plants are to avoid meddling with those

-Ask HBS botanists about trees that treat the shrubs (pruning and treating). Once a year? Twice a year? We discussed that we need a secretary that will be present at most meetings. According to our bylaws, Joseph has resigned from the position. We will further discuss assigning duties temporarily to a Member at Large and perhaps elect an interim secretary for the rest of this term. Ended at 9:15 PM Central.