Meeting Minutes 2/7/2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meeting began at 9:03 PM Eastern

Board Member Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President – present
Ryan Kitko, Vice President – present
Heather Williams, Secretary – present
Sheila Stewart, Treasurer – present
Shane Myers, Head of PR and Education – absent
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation – present
Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials – present
Yann Rodenas, Member-at-Large – present
Matt Kaelin, Member-at-Large – absent
Guests: Zuzana and Warren – Welcome!


  • Emily received an email from BACPS inquiring about an article to be written by the NASC for their newsletter.
  • Vic is still working on sending seed to a member in Australia. The group discusses policy for sending seeds out of the country and concludes that perhaps a  regional head grower is needed in these areas to help with shipping properly to these regions.
  • Discussion about releasing more location data for plants and seeds has been requested by a grower. Town data is considered but not actual GPS locations or State and National parks. Concerns about poaching is brought into consideration and discussed by the group. A vote was motioned to release location data as in neighboring towns and/or State/National parks with growers passes.
  • Vic tested old hybrid seeds from 2005 in the seed bank and it is not looking well. It is suggested that they are to be removed from the seed inventory.

Meeting ended at approximately 9:42 PM