Meeting Minutes 4/4/2013

Thursday, April, 4, 2013
Meeting began at 9:07 PM Eastern

Board Member Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President – present
Ryan Kitko, Vice President – present
Heather Williams, Secretary – present
Sheila Stewart, Treasurer – absent
Shane Myers, Head of PR and Education – absent
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation – present
Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials – absent
Yann Rodenas, Member-at-Large – absent
Matt Kaelin, Member-at-Large – absent
Guests: Zuzana and Warren – Welcome!


  • The benefit auction seems to be going really well so far! We are all excited.
  • The group discusses financial information and happenings as well as more transparency with NASC funds.
  • Emily and Ryan suggest making another member of NASC at large however the motion to nominate has been put off until we have enough board members present for a vote.

Meeting ended at approximately 10:02 PM