Meeting Minutes 5/3/2012

Meeting began at 9:00 PM Eastern

Board Member Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President – present
Ryan Kitko, Vice President – present
Yann Rodenas, Secretary – absent
Sheila Stewart, Treasurer – present
Shane Myers, Head of PR and Education – absent
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation – present
Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials – present
Matt Kaelin, Member-at-Large – absent
Joe Granville, Member-at-Large - absent
Guest: Zuzana Srostlik - Welcome!


  • All auction business is going smoothly! Auction ends Saturday at 10 PM
  • Ryan will do a re-cap of the auction for the next NASC newsletter; Shane discussed other ideas for the summer newsletter
  • Bank of America account has been closed - Thanks Dave!
  • Sheila will take care of the IRS Form 990 this year, due May 15, 2012
  • Sheila will fulfill the second invoice received from Burning Moth, Inc. for our recent plugin development.
  • Emily will contact another property owner at our Florida rescue site to try and obtain permission. Mark was unable to get much feedback from the owner so perhaps another voice on the matter from NASC would be persuasive.

Meeting ended at approximately 10:00 PM