Meeting Minutes 6/28/2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012
Meeting began at 9:10 PM Eastern

Board Member Attendance Status:

Emily Troiano, President – present
Ryan Kitko, Vice President – present
Yann Rodenas, Secretary – absent
Sheila Stewart, Treasurer – present
Shane Myers, Head of PR and Education – present
Mark Todd, Head of Conservation – present
Victor Holland, Administrator of Plant Materials – absent
Matt Kaelin, Member-at-Large – absent
Guest: Zuzana Srostlik - Welcome!


  • Auction: Emily heard from one delinquent auction item that has payment on the way. One other is still out of contact.
  • Due to excessive unexcused absences and unforeseen circumstances, Board Member-at-Large Joe Granville has resigned his position according to our bylaws (section 5.15).
  • Mark has not heard from the property owner at our potential Florida rescue site to reschedule the on-site visit, but he will call as soon as possible.
  • Mark is also still working with landowners and conservation organizations near Boiling Spring Lakes, NC to donate the proceeds of our recent auction.
  • Shane has several items set for the next newsletter. He will be assembling it in the next few weeks once Ryan gets his pieces finished.

Meeting ended at approximately 9:50 PM