How to join a meeting

Meetings are held online in a Skype conference. Although you can join with only a keyboard (i.e., instant messaging), it'll be best if you have a microphone and speakers to join in on the teleconferencing. Headsets are key, since many default laptop microphones are of an exceedingly poor quality. We ask that when you join a meeting, you find a quiet place as background noise can be distracting.

In order to join the conference, follow the instructions below:

If you are already a Skype member, please submit your screen name in the contact form below and we will add you to future meetings. If you are not yet a Skype member, you must first download and install the free Skype software from

Invitations to join the chat group will be sent out to anyone who is online at the time of the meeting. There you can participate in the discussions, and members can vote on many decisions.

We look forward to your participation!