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2012 Board election announcement

The Board of Directors is soliciting nominations for the 2012 election of the Board. Nominations are accepted for all positions on the Board; a description of the responsibilities of each office can be found in our bylaws under Article VI. We also have opportunities for at-large board members who help where they can on individual projects.

If you think that you are interested in being responsible for day-to-day operations of a non-profit organization specializing in the conservation of Sarracenia, e-mail our President, Emily Troiano, at [email protected] and note your interest either in a particular office or in general. You can nominate others or yourself, but please include a brief statement regarding your qualifications or reason for interest. (If you are a Terra Forums member, you can also see this thread and send Emily a private message.)

The Board will accept nominations for all positions until Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 9 PM EST. The Board will approve nominations as stipulated in our Bylaws and you should be available for our yearly meeting on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 9 PM EST to stand for election. The meeting is held via skype (details on how to join our meetings can be found here). We're excited to enter another fruitful year and are always seeking new input and expertise on our Board.

Meeting minutes (2007-01-18)

NASC Yearly Member Meeting
Pushed from Jan 11, 2007 to Jan 18, 2007.

The NASC Yearly meeting was called to order at approximately 8:00 PM (20:00) Central Time.

Members in Attendance
Rose Witt, President
Suzanne Hedderly, Vice-President
Mark Todd, Head of Conservancy
Mike Howlett, Head Grower
David Schloat, Treasurer
Jonathan Treffkorn, Secretary
Noah Elhardt, PR and Education
Jeremiah Harris, Head of Distribution
Ben (Bamaud)
Steph (Steph 64)
Steven Millar (Bugweed!)

Business Followed

Elections were held:

Jonathan Treffkorn was voted to retain the position of Secretary.

Dave Schloat was voted to retain the position of Treasurer.

Suzanne Hedderly was voted to retain the position of Vice President.

Rose Witt was voted to retain the position of President.

Mike Howlett was voted to retain the position of Head Grower.

Noah Elhardt was voted to retain the position of Public Relations & Education

Mark Todd was voted to retain the position of Head of Conservancy.

Jeremiah Harris was voted to retain the position of Head of Distribution.

Richard Myers was voted to retain the position of Head of Research.

Regular Business

P&P deadline for ALL Officers has been set for next NASC Monthly Meeting (Feb 8.)

Quarterly reports / newsletters will begin to be distributed and ALL Officers are required to have an article on their respective position in the NASC to contribute by the next NASC Monthly Meeting (Feb 8.) Noah will be handling the compilation of the report/newsletter.

Meeting was called to a close at approximately 9:00 PM (21:00) Central Time.

Thanks to all that attended. We look forward to a productive term for all of our elected Board members.

Remember Your Homework: P&Ps, and newsletter article due for ALL Officers at the Feb 8 NASC Monthly meeting. Remember, attendance is vital!